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The AMAZING Trenah!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Kanyago, Trenah, aged 13, recently took part in the our Young Leaders - Womens Day Cup in the Budaka District of Eastern Uganda, and when asked to reflect on her experience, Goal Click, provided Trenah with an analogue camera and a number of questions, and asked her to put together her story of what football means for her.

This is a MUST READ!

DIDA would like to congratulate Trenah on a fantastic piece of work, and thank Goal Click for providing a platform for her to recount her memories and demonstrate her talent for photography and writing.

At DIDA, we try to maintain some level of connection with our community and keep working even during these difficult circumstances due to Covid as well as the usual challenges working in this part of the World.

Thanks also to Goal Click for shining a light on Trenah and DIDAs efforts

Help us help Trenah build her dreams. If you can volunteer with DIDA as a Coach so Trenah can build her skills and realise here dreams please email us on

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