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How Can Girls Overcome Barriers to Achieve Their Goals in Life?

Gender inequality, discriminatory social norms, cultural taboos, poverty and lack of basic services like toilets and sanitary products can all cause menstrual health and hygiene needs to go unmet.


The onset of menstruation means a new phase – and new vulnerabilities – in the lives of adolescents. Yet, many adolescent girls face stigma, harassment and social exclusion during menstruation.


Menstrual health and hygiene interventions can help overcome these obstacles. Not only do they fulfil the unmet demand for menstrual hygiene products. They also protect dignity, build confidence, and strengthen sexual and reproductive health, particularly among adolescents.

This year Casa Uganda Lodge have stepped up and helped provide reusable pads for the girls at this year’s Women's Day Cup 2024.


We hope to be able to implement their sewing programmes within the communities we serve in Budaka.



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