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We aim to create affiliations and partnerships with various associations, and colleges within each discipline; Chess, Football and Boxing by exposing the talent available to them e.g. via  exchange programmes with Uganda,  Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Europe will enable these associations / clubs to scout DIDAs members when they are ready to play professionally. 

Charity Volunteers

There are a variety of opportunities to volunteer your time and skills at DIDA Sports Organisation.


Over 90% of our work is supported by volunteers. Volunteers coach classes, mentor programme participants, and help with day-to-day operations.


If you would like to volunteer with DIDA please apply here.


How do you inspire and transform a mindset of low self-esteem and ‘nothing is possible’ or ‘I’m not good enough’?


Their world; their everyday struggles; the schools that no longer exist; their cultural differences are their norm and thwarts them believing that what’s beyond, that career in their favourite sport; is impossible and out of reach for them.

We need coaches who are ready to inspire the next generation!

If you would like to volunteer with DIDA please apply here.