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Rabitt Rearing initiative

As we celebrate the 2 years, we’re looking into how to do more for our community. A couple of months ago, we started a rabbit rearing initiative, as a response to the fact that most of our chess kids were not in school.

Like most underdeveloped countries, when schools were closed due to Covid-19, there was no more learning. Schools have no internet facilities to carry out online learning so the children have been out of school and not learning for 8 months.

We devised the rabbit rearing initiative to keep the kids busy, each kid gets a pair of rabbits. So far, we've received donations to support 14 children with a pair of rabbits each.

The intention of the initiative will hopefully slowly build skills for the kids in responsibility, planning, networking, business acumen in order to build an income and slowly contribute to community development and #sustainability. It's a slow process but with time we hope this community will become a known trading hub!

We have 250 kids, so we need more help from you to get more rabbits for our other chess members.

A pair of rabbits/child is £17. Please donate here

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