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Permanent community chess tables

We are celebrating our 2 year milestones and our 2020 DIDA community chess tables initiative!

In 2019, we initiated the DIDA Chess in schools programme in Budaka District, with 5 schools.

This year, due to schools being closed we could not run any formal chess training.

So we devised another way to ensure the kids keep playing chess - to build permanent chess tables within the communities of the schools we work with.

We now have 3 permanent community Chess tables, which we are excited about, it’s an awesome start!

Each table accommodates chess boards (16 x16).

We have a long way to go to get more kids access to chess via permanent tables.

We have 250 registered chess members, meaning we need a minimum of 125 chessboards, or 40 permanent DIDA community chess tables!

We want to build 36 (and more) chess tables, and this is only possible with your support.

A permanent table is £75. If you would like to support access for all please donate here,

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