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DIDA Womens Day Cup 2020 Update

Women’s day not only serves to remind us of the important roles women play in our society, but also comes as a moment for mankind to highlight, reflect and act on the unfair treatment an

d disadvantaged stance the girl child is subjected unto. The unfairness of society has denied them, among many other basic human rights, exercising equal opportunities and access to education, freedom of association and participation in social activities. We can make the desired change!

It is upon that background that DIDA Sports Organization will be joining in celebrating Women’s Day on 8th March by holding a football event for girls. We shall be celebrating women; empowering and awakening the giants in our mothers, sisters, caring cousins and all those girls whose talents have earlier been down trodden, in unearthing the gem in them.

Theme: The Girl child access to sport. Our theme is to promote equality, access and inclusion in sport for the girl child. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!! More information will coming out soon

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