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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

International Womens day cup 2019: #BalanceforBetter

The day started with a visit to God Cares Nursery & Primary School and our team was led by Dauda. We were welcomed by sports teacher/coach Mr Omec Geofrey who introduced us to the pupils both girls who were ready for the competition and boys who were there to give support to girls. We introduced our selves to the pupils and appreciated them for their interest in sports activities. We also emphasized on the importance of sports in girls development which included;

- Better grades in school

- Lower dropout rate

- More self confidence

- Fewer chronic illness

How Mr Omec helps pupils in sports

Accept the pupils the way they are; Advising pupils not to give up.

Challenges he faces while training pupils;

- Pupils always want to play with their friends

- Pupils always blame each other.

- Lack of enough equipment/sports material.

Small pitch When creating your posts you can:

Winning Team

First half ended with 1 - 0 results God Cares Nursery and Primary School scored 1 goal and Kansanga Junior Primary didn't score any.

Second half also ended 2 - 0 in favour of God cares Nursery and Primary school.

Both goals were scored by 13 year old Namuddu Tendo of P.6

13 year old Namuddu Tendo of P.6

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