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DIDA 4 Schools July Update

Members of the DIDA team and SOM Chess Academy instructors returned to Budaka for the second round of training and development for our Chess In Schools Programme.

The training took place over 3 days and included 280 kids, 6 instructors, 6 teachers, 2 volunteers and 3 DIDA team members.

Day 1

Six schools attended on day 1 with a total number of 200 children and spent time revisiting their initial lessons around Introduction and Strategic play.

Day 2

More children turned up today bringing the numbers to 250. The morning was spent in lessons then lunch and the afternoon spent watching Queen of Katwe, an inspiring film which we hope will resonate with many of the children and motivate them to keep learning.

Day 3

Final day of learning and some play. A speech from the host school headmaster to close the weekend of development, thanks to our partners at SOM Chess Academy.

Thanks to all who continue to believe in and support us. Your contributions help keep things moving forward for the youth of Budaka. To continue your support please donate and help us build a strong foundation for the youth.

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