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Chess In Schools Initiative

Chess introduced in Budaka district , Eastern Uganda for the first time, April 2019 -

SOM Chess Academy partnered with DIDA Sports Organisation to implement the DIDA Chess in schools initiative over a four day programme.

Instructors Richard Tugume, Wilson Mugwanya, Micheal Talemwa and Ashiraf Ssebagala led by Coach Robert Katende traveled to Budaka district together with the DIDA team. The turnout was overwhelming and we had to divide the learners in four classes. Over five schools converged at Budaka Primary school to attend the Chess sessions. The schools that sent in participants were Itangholi Primary School, Budaka Primary School, St Claire Girls Primary School, Kedelna Primary School and Conerstone Primary School.

Children were introduced to the game of chess. They were taught the names of the chess pieces and how they move and they learnt some of the basics in the game of chess.

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