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Celebrating 2yrs and our milestones!

Nurtional programme

We’re still celebrating our 2 year anniversary and taking stock of our milestones!

In 2019, we initiated the Chess in schools programme in April and continued in July, September, October and November.

Each training session ran for 3 days and during those 3 days, we provided breakfast and lunch for each child who was taking part in the chess programme as a nutrition programme.

We observed that some of the kids came to school without eating anything, so we made it part of our plan to give them full meals while we were working with them. Healthy bodies, health minds.

Most kids had to share a plate or cup as not all were able to come with one.

DIDA would welcome any support towards the nutrition programme, be that a nutritional plan, education on nutrition or sponsorship.

Please visit our website for more information email us on

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