The Republic of Uganda is the second most populous landlocked country in the world, second only to Ethiopia. It is located in East Africa and is bordered by Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As with most African nations, Uganda does not have the vast resources that can be used to improve the facilities in the country for sports but that has not dampened their passion for sports.

Uganda is a country with incredible athletic potential and an untapped resource.  However, there is a major lack of professional sports and vocational education programmes to exploit and maximise this huge potential specifically in the key areas below:

  • An established network which could take prospects from all areas of Uganda and accurately assess their tangible qualities regularly. 

  • Adequate facilities and Infrastructure, there is a serious lack of high level sports facilities not just in the Budaka region, but in Uganda as a whole

Role Models

With trained and accomplished individuals such as coaches and young leaders available to mentor and create role models, it will enable a significant and sustainable change in the community and beyond.  

What may have started out as a fun game of football, chess or workshop may end up being a life-changing experience for a whole community.

DIDA sets up our new branch in Budaka!! 


We are so happy to announce this, in association with KOI Sports CIC we have patterned and set up an office in Budaka district! 

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