To further strengthen the grassroots level football for boys and girls, the facility will aim to provide a platform to showcase the kids' skills and talents to local clubs enabling recruitment and development into their teams.

This will draw attention to the professional side of the game and give confidence to both female and male players in knowing that they have something to strive for.


Role Models

With trained and accomplished individuals such as scouts and coaches available to mentor and create role models, it will enable a significant and sustainable change in the community and beyond.  


What may have started out as a fun game of football, may end up being a life-changing experience for a whole community.

DIDA Updates - Chess In Schools Initiative 2019

Chess was introduced for the first time in Budaka, Eastern Uganda in April. We continue to work with our partners SOM Chess Academy to develop children from 6 schools.

We continue to need equipment and provisions so please support here


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